The Call Sandwich AI Dialer solution is a multi-functional auto dialing platform providing a large set of features, from predictive dialing, AI speech- to-text and text-to-speech,  press-1 campaigns and multi-languages support. Scroll below to see the key features of our complete solutions.

Why choose Call Sandwich?

Live Transfers

Acquiring new leads and directing them to your call center agents via IVR or RVM. Compatible with existing PBX and screen-pop software in call centers, caller ID of phoned contact is sent.

Voicemail Beep Detection

In the event that a voicemail is detected, a separate message can be left after the beep or the call can immediately terminated.

Personalized Messages

The contact's uploaded text can be read aloud using text-to-speech with tag substitution.

Surveys and RSVP

Send out questionnaires and have your contacts respond with a key press or voice recording. A variety of survey nodes allow for the creation of complex multi-level IVR menus.

DNC (Do Not Call) List

Upload your own list of contacts or use the system's automated addition feature to quickly add names to the DNC list. All clients can take advantage of the universal DNC list that is offered. ​

Flexible Pricing

There are no long-term commitments required; you can upgrade or cancel at any time. The typical provisioning time for a system is one business day.


Numerous user interface languages, Can be used in any country; all you need is a VoIP provider to receive and send calls.

Multiple Caller ID

Caller ID can be configured to display a specific number, to cycle through a list of numbers, or to display a random number.

API for Developers

Use the many available APIs, each of which corresponds to a different part of the user interface, to connect your software with others.


There are systems able to handle anywhere from 10 calls at once to tens of thousands, and even millions, of contacts daily.


ASR (Automatic Voice Recognition) using Google Speech will recognize speech, and branch to different sections based on the result.

Bring your own carrier (BYOC)

Choose your own VoIP service provider or use our carrier to give you the lowest possible rate due to our volume discounts.

Text to Speech

Supports text to speech from a variety of providers including all MRCP based TTS systems. Basic TTS included for prototyping surveys. Make studio-quality voice overs in minutes with AI enabled, real people's voices.

Contact Management

Phone books are a handy way to organize your contacts and segment your clientele into manageable groups. A campaign's Phone Book(s) can be selected via a drop-down menu.

Multi Functional

Call Sandwich's sister company Drop Sandwich can assist with Voice Broadcasting and Ringless Voicemail to create and send voicemail and SMS campaigns.

AI Driven

You can build quality campaigns with several o AI driven solutions like AI Video creation and a versatile AI voice generator.


Detailed call logs that can be downloaded for in-depth analysis allow you to keep tabs on the health and success of your initiatives in near-real time.


Start and end times should be set daily to avoid contacting people at inconvenient times.

SMS Messaging

Send SMS messages through supported SMS gateways. We can help you with our in-house SMS and SMS AI solution provider.


Dial again those who did not respond or who did respond but did not finish the survey or RSVP automatically.

International Timezone Support

The time zone of the contact was determined from the phone number, and a call was placed at the appropriate time.


The agent can log into the call center's agentUI and view the caller's contact details in real time. Agents have the option of making a note about the contact or adding them to a Do Not Contact registry.

A Flexible Autodialer that can be customized to deliver a wide range of solutions .

The Call Sandwich platform is not only for marketeers but also for a range of other roles including:

Lead Generation


Product Notification

Outbound Callcenter

Press-1 Campaign

Phone Survey

Rapid Dialer

Dial millions of contacts per day

Voicemail Beep Detection

Deliver your message to real people

Quality Text-to-Speech

Multi-language support

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