Live Transfers

Many businesses and organizations have found success with "Press One" and "Call-Back" campaigns. Explain the deal and tell the caller to press 1 to speak with an agent or request a callback.

SMS Broadcasting

Send out a group text to your contacts, incorporating any uploaded custom data.

Appointment Reminders

Call Sandwich can be integrated into the appointment systems of medical and dental practices as well as other businesses that schedule appointments for their clients.

Debt Management & Control Solution

When integrated with other debt management and collections systems, Call Sandwich facilitates communication with customers and allows for subsequent calls to be made to alternate numbers.

Automated Voice Messaging (AVM)

Automatic Voice Messaging, or AVM, is a way to advertise to a large audience by sending out high-quality, pre-recorded voicemails.

Phone Polling, Surveys & Voting

Call a large number of people and record their responses to polls, interactive surveys, and votes using an interactive voice response system.

Predictive Dialing

Automatically dial a specified number of contacts at a rate proportional to the number of available agents, determine whether a machine or human answers, and either leave a message after the beep or transfer the call to an agent.

Mass Emergency Broadcasting

Communicate urgent information to many people quickly and efficiently, such as weather alerts or other local emergencies.

Inbound & Outbound Call-Center

Connect callers with agents based on their expertise using an interactive voice response system.

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